Binocs is a CLI-first uptime and performance monitoring tool for websites, applications and APIs.

Looking out for your peace of mind, one check at a time.

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Monitor uptime, apdex, and response time
Visualise responses, latency and apdex
Receive notifications via popular channels
Track incidents history
Advanced settings, reasonable defaults
Cross-regional confirmations
Operate your uptime monitoring from CLI
binocs command line interface

How to get started

1. Sign up

No payment method is required to get started. Create your account with e-mail and password.

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2. Download Binocs CLI

We offer binaries for Linux, MacOS and Windows. Version 0.5.2 was released on June 17, 2022.

3. Generate Access Keys

Get revocable authentication key-pairs for your Binocs CLI.

4. Use Binocs from your command line
$ binocs login
$ binocs check add --name hckrnews --url --method GET --target 0.7
$ binocs channel add --type slack
$ binocs check ls


Binocs uses credit-based billing. 1 request we make on your behalf costs 1 credit. There is no monthly fee for using Binocs.

Credit Pack Price Estimated run with checks executed every Effective monthly price
250,000 € 4.95
550,000 € 9.95
1,250,000 € 19.95
3,000,000 € 39.95
7,000,000 € 79.95

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