Binocs features

Looking out for your peace of mind, one check at a time.

Binocs is a CLI-first uptime and performance monitoring tool for websites, applications and APIs.

  • Monitor uptime, apdex, and response time
  • Support HTTP, HTTPS and TCP resources
  • Visualise HTTP response codes, apdex trends, and response time heatmaps
  • Leverage wide range of check settings with reasonable defaults
  • Receive notifications about uptime events and service degradation to Slack, SMS, Telegram or email
  • Track incidents history
  • Measure important metrics from multiple locations around the globe and use cross-regional checks to eliminate false-positives
  • Operate your uptime monitoring from command-line interface on Linux, MacOS or Windows

Downtime is unavoidable and errors will occur, but you can make sure you’re the first to know when your website, application or API wanders into trouble by configuring checks and setting up notifications to your favourite messaging channels. Unlike other uptime monitoring tools, Binocs uses a slick command-line interface that can be easily integrated into your professional toolkit.